How to Clean the Floor of Your Car?

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The world’s most hygienic individual maybe you. But whether you use your car or not, a thin coating of dust eventually builds up on the surfaces, and after a few days, the automobile becomes unclean. It can be expensive to have your automobile professionally detailed. But you can clean your car floor easily if you have the right modification parts for cars and cleaning products.

How to Clean the Interior of Your Car?

It may surprise you, but you can efficiently and effectively clean your car floor using a car vacuum cleaner in India. Understanding the differences in materials and adhering to the instructions suggested for that type of mat are crucial.

  • Clean The Area Up

It’s crucial to remove the car mats and hoover the stain’s location to clean your car floor. Doing this can help to eliminate any loose dirt or debris that can make stain removal from the carpet more challenging. To access confined spaces, if at all possible, utilise an attachment hose.

  • Pre-treat The Stain

You can remove any stain with one of the several carpet shampoos and cleaners available today. If you don’t have a carpet cleaner, you can create your own cleaning solution to pre-treat the carpet. Depending on the kind of stain, you can create a few distinct combinations, which are available below:

  • Combine one spoonful of liquid dish soap and two cups of hot water to remove protein-based stains.
  • Use one part vinegar and two parts waters to remove tannin stains from coffee or tea.
  • Combine vinegar, club soda, and liquid dish soap in equal proportions for older carpet stains that may be more difficult to remove.

After combining your solution, gently dab the cleanser onto the stain without rubbing it in. A spray bottle is another option. As a result, it will be simpler to get the stain out. Before moving on to the next stage, let it settle for around 10 minutes.

  • Rub Out the Stain

It’s time to clean your car floor after the cleaner has had a chance to work.

Work the cleaner into the carpet using a stiff-bristled brush in circular strokes, taking care not to harm the fibres. You might need to put in some more effort to get the stain out properly. Adding a little baking soda to the mixture will aid in absorbing and lifting any tough stains.

  • Remove The Stain

After scrubbing the stain, it’s crucial to pat the area dry. Use a dry towel or cloth to remove as much moisture as you can from the carpet when you clean your car floor. Make sure to wipe the area rather than rub it to prevent the stain from spreading. This is especially crucial if you have an ink or another water-based stain.

  • Water And Dry

After removing the stain, it is crucial to rinse the area with clean water thoroughly. This will help to get rid of any cleanser or chemicals that might remain. Before reusing your vehicle, let the region dry. Opening the windows and doors and employing a fan will hasten the carpet drying process.

  • Vacuum Again

To remove any dirt or debris that may have become loose during the cleaning procedure, hoover the carpet once more after the area has dried. After completing this step, you can enjoy your car by putting the floor mats back in.

Further Guidelines to Follow When You Clean Your Car Floor 

  1. When spending time in your car, think about having automotive gel to clean out vents and other difficult-to-reach locations frequently.
  2. Your cup holders will stay spotless for longer if you place a silicone baking cup in them.
  3. Utilise a little expandable file to organise the space in your glove box. If you do this, you’ll have extra space to store tiny cleaning tools between cleanings.
  4. To remove fur collected on the seats or carpet, use the pet covers for the backseats, a rubber glove, or a lint roller.
  5. Keep a small sealed container in your car door pocket for little pieces of rubbish that land on the floor or cup holders. It works nicely to use a small dispenser for cereal or pet treats.
  6. Purchasing kick mats will help prevent muddy footprints on the seat backs if you frequently have children riding in the back seat.


That’s all, then! Knowing how to clean your car floor can make it easier to deal with carpet stains in the future. You can quickly restore your car’s carpet to like-new condition with some elbow grease. You can explore more blogs at Carorbis to learn more about car interior detailing.

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